Brasserie huisman
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Huisman may appear to those learning Dutch, or playing with words, yet another of the compound words the Dutch are known for. However, it is not ‘the man of the house’ or ‘stay at home father’ as you may possibly think. The name for this neighbourhood Brasserie, a place to relax and feel at home in comes from the expression often heard at the end of an enjoyable evening: 'kom, we gaan naar huis, man... '  – which translates loosely as ‘let’s go home man’ – to a place which is familiar, relaxing and welcoming. 

This is Brasserie Huisman, your place to hang out,  enjoy a drink and a meal outside when the sun shines, or simply a place to call your ‘local’ as the British would say. Welcome, one and all, young and old, for what another Dutch expression says: gezelligheid.